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Swimming Is My Favorite Way to Move!

Swimming: my favorite way to stay active!

swimming under water close up

There is no better place than in water. In a pool, a beach, a hotel, a resort, a lake, an ocean – I’ll even take a sprinkler!

For every day, we invested in a backyard pool…takes up the whole yard!

the parke swimming pool

Our backyard is an oasis and you’ll find me back there all weekend as long as it’s sunny.

We have a pergola on the patio next to the pool, there we BBQ and visit with friends, family, neighbors, church members, and former students. Throw in some pool toys for a full day of fun!

pool toys
more pool toys
swimming with former students and their families
Swimming with Former Students & Their Families
swimming with friends
Swimming with Friends
swimming in our pool
Swimming in Our Pool
swimming underwater
Swimming Underwater

When we travel, the beach is always a priority, but pools are nice too 🙂

swimming in the bahamas
Swimming In The Bahamas
swimming in cancun
Swimming in Cancun
swimming in hawaii
Swimming in Hawaii
swimming at alta ski resort utah
Swimming at Alta Ski Resort in Utah

Over the 8 years we’ve had this pool, it’s been fun to have different groups of people help us build it every year. We’re happy to support local families teach their children hard work and high school students earn $$ for their band programs. We’ve also hosted church groups and allow our neighbors to swim.

band club building our pool

Sometimes there are fun local events, like the Black Light swim and slide park – that was a blast!

Even though I’m on the treadmill 5 days a week, I’ll swim any chance I get!

black light swimming event