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hour of code

For all you kids, young adults, and adults that are home for an unexpected amount of time, I’ve compiled a list of free learning resources. Many lists out there are nothing more than free promos to get schools to sign up and request access, so I’ve gone through every link posted to save the average parent time and hassle, so you can click on a link and start accessing free content.

That said, lesson content is worth it’s weight in gold and costs a pretty penny to develop. Buying curriculum content for schools is one of the most expensive purchases. Some charter/public elementary schools use content created on Teachers Pay Teachers for elementary-age students because they give you great value for the money. Experienced teachers on that website create robust plans from experience in a live classroom, which is valuable for effective pedagogy. Having developed my own lesson content for k-5 STEM, Middle School Graphic Design, Coding, & Game Development, it’s no easy task. Enjoy all the free info and support the free resource(s) you like the best as much as you can – by sharing their links in your social channels and sharing your experience with it.

I’m also busy working on free lessons to go with my STEAM-infused story and coloring book: “Oquirrh Mountain Fairies Mineral Magic”. Anyone that purchases a gift pack through April will get free lessons that involve creativity, fantasy, art, and science.

oquirrh mountain fairies mineral magic coloring and story book by author kelly parke
Oquirrh Mountain Fairies “Mineral Magic” by author Kelly Parke

Here’s the list, compiled from my own teaching experience, plus a variety of other links from multiple sources…

Hour of Code is a fantastic resource for teaching kids how to code with JS (java script) blocks.

My personal favorite: Hour of Code – A great intro to Computer Science

scholastic free learn at home lessons
Great Scholastic Learn at Home Free Resources

Learn at Home with Scholastic:

PBS Kids – great sources of learning games and videos for every subject

BrainPop, interactive Coronavirus lesson with free lesson plan


Coronavirus Explained: Just for Kids

Breakout Edu, lessons for K-12

NearPod scroll to the bottom of page for video lessons about coronavirus

Art Museum Tours with Google.
Everything’s connected, integrate art into every lesson with some sort of art media activity or art tour. One challenge for older kids, is to try and paint like our ancient masters:

british museum intro is super cool responsive, a treat for the eyes
The British Museum website intro is super cool responsive, a treat for the eyes

This responsive intro for the British museum is a feast for the eyes!!!!!

A favorite: Van Gogh Museum Tour

Prodigy Math

Math: (great content, sign up is real easy for kids)
khan (free courses link is on the upper left, don’t have to sign up)

Science: (great free content)

Writing: (great keyboarding practice)

Reading: (fun, animation of elementary books that are read to you)

Social Studies: (flash card style info for elementary age kids, comes with games, quizzes and worksheets; just have to watch out for the grade-level ad that looks like part of the website…don’t click on it)

Free College Courses:
Coding, Data, Art & Design, the Humanities, tons of resources! They will try to sell you on official certification, but the actual courses are free.

Make Your Own Crossword Puzzles:

STEM Lesson Library

Make Your Own Video Games – fun platform, rigorous, plan on taking a week or two in order to build a playable game.

Learn To Code (Article)

Still Free, but School/Teacher Access Only:
Discovery Ed


Pronto, communication hub for teams and teachers


Pear Deck, remote learning resources for teachers

Kami, remote learning tools for teachers

Mystery Science, for teachers, by teachers

Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)

Google Teacher Tips for Distance Learning