Mountain Fairies are beautifully resilient, small and magically elusive. In fact, they have not been seen since the first fairy town was built in early 1840s.

We know there are many fairies living in the Oquirrh Mountains because of sparkly trails of Rocky Mountain fairy dust all throughout foothills and canyons.

According to local fairy folklore, installing a fairy door invites fairies to visit. So our very own newspaper, Transcript Bulletin – the oldest business in Tooele – has installed the very first fairy door in downtown Tooele! Our local tech college – the TATC (Tooele Applied Technology College) has also installed a very SPECIAL fairy door. Wonder who is next?

This has caused quite a stir in our local fairy kingdom. Right now, the last fairy monarch – Queen Estelia – is busy visiting each magical fairy town in the Oquirrh Mountains to share this happy news and help them to prepare festivities! Mountain Fairies love to feast and celebrate with each other. With a story about them soon to be published – there is much to celebrate for humans and fairies alike!

Preparation for visits to the city has all the fairies busy, but out of the entire kingdom, the Mineral Fairies are the busiest! Why? Mineral Fairies make the Rocky Mountain Fairy Dust…..

Rocky Mountain Fairy dust isn’t like any other fairy dust because nature has provided very unique ingredients – brought forth from the northern Oquirrh range: one of the world’ largest open mines – The Kennecott Copper Mine. There are diamonds, copper, silver and gold – that’s why Queen Estelia and her fairy ancestors came here in the 1800’s: a most revered location in all the world. Nowhere else can a fairy find the unique blend of precious minerals, beautiful gems, salt crystals from the Great Salt Lake, crisp air, mountain springs and aromatic evergreens. One-of-a-kind and highly prized in any fairy kingdom, Rocky Mountain Fairy dust – combined with a fairy door – is the glittery portal of all Oquirrh Mountain Fairy travel.

Did you know that many of the world’s elements and minerals began as stardust? Add a little fairy magic and you have the most prized fairy dust in the land! So you can imagine how special Oquirrh Mountain Mineral Fairies are to our fairy kingdom.

Enjoy the slideshow sneak peek (above) of these elite Mineral Fairies: Bornite, Uranium, Gypsum, Benitoite, Native Copper, Galena, Calcite, Dioptase, Copper, Wavelite, Turquoise, and Halloysite. Painted in watercolor by Kelly Parke, as primitive doodle practice before formal sketches and final art.

Stay tuned for the Oquirrh Mountain Mineral Fairies sketch/coloring book and website.
Concept, creation, illustration and design by Kelly Parke ©2015 Parke Creative. All rights reserved.