Welcome to your final week, #9!

Lab Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-3 and 5-8
Lab is located in the front of the building, near reception, not in the classroom

PSE10 Week 9 class outline pro-level techniques with camera raw and filters

PSE10 Week 9 class outline: Pro-level techniques with camera raw and filters.

pse10 raw image before color adjustments

PSE10, Lesson 11: hat image opens from Organizer into Camera Raw window,
with a variety of adjustment options: white balance, temperature, tints, and tone controls
— with a histogram – a graphic chart, upper right, that shows the color distribution curve. Even at this size you can see how much yellow is in this “before” photo.

pse10 histogram adjustments made in raw mode

PSE10, Lesson 11: After histogram adjustments made in raw mode, full screen.

pse10 histogram before and after

PSE10, Lesson 11: histogram window before and after adjustments made in camera raw mode.
It is clear that much of the warm overlay was redistributed and adjusted. However, it is up to you to decide what corrections you want to make and what mood you want to evoke
(original photo was the result of late afternoon sunlight)

pse10 using filters and layers

PSE10, Lesson 11, page 283: Creating Effects with Filters and Layers.
Professional results with powerful tools. I could spend all day playing with features that have been in Photoshop for years. For this image, I would have saved an eye selection to bring in more eye detail. The lesson steps don’t quite go far enough – eyes look way too flat here – not sellable as is.

pse10 saving selection for masking

PSE10, Lesson 11, Filters: early on in the lesson, you will save a selection for masking.
This is where I would add an extra selection for the eyes. Play with that extra selection and dupe layers, see what you come up with.

pse10 layering filters p285

PSE10, Lesson 11: Layering Filters from the Filter Gallery, p283.
The second background layer that was duped, then color removed — reminded me of the traditional underpainting process for watercolor on canvas.

pse10 layers when finished adding filters and masks

PSE10, Lesson 11: what your layer panel looks like when you are done with pages 282 – 286.

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