Welcome to week eight!

Lab Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-3 and 5-8
Lab is located in the front of the building, near reception, not in the classroom

PSE10 Week 8 with Kelly Parke

PSE10 Week 8 class outline for Repair & Merge, with Kelly Parke.

pse10 crop tool with golden ratio

PSE10 Lesson 9, page 219, crop tool with golden ratio.

Check out this link for more info on cropping with ‘Rule of Thirds’ or ‘Golden Ratio’. Cropping with shapes is on there too – fun ideas!

pse10 lesson 9 pg 220 recompose tool

PSE10 Lesson 9, pg. 220: Recompose Tool. Click on this image to see a video on using this tool.

pse10 smart brush for teeth and healing brush for wrinkles and blemishes

PSE10 Smart Brush adjustment layer mask for white teeth and the Healing Brush for wrinkles
and blemishes, using transparent layers for realistic adjustments.

pse10 lesson 10 pg 238 photomerge panorama

PSE10, lesson 10, page 238: Combine Images – Photomerge Panorama, spherical layout merge.
Dialog asks if you want to use content-aware auto-fill around edges that didn’t match up.

pse10 lesson10 page 241 photomerge group

PSE10, Lesson 10, page 241: Photomerge Group. Phenomenal tool, helpful to novice and pro alike.

pse10 lesson10 page 249 photomerge exposure

PSE10, lesson 10, page 249: Photomerge Exposure.
Very quick with impressive results in 2 clicks than using layers. Both methods work very well, layered being a pro choice for large reproductions. But if time is an issue and it’s for the web or a small printed piece — two commands get you there.


  • Review questions on page 231 and 261
  • complete all steps on pgs 241-260 in chapter 10
    (upload 10_03_Depopulated.jpg, 10_04_Leadlight.jpg, and 10_05_Composite.jpg to your online homework album and email link to me)
  • Read Lesson 11, pages 262-292. We will review pg293 in class.
  • Terms for PSE10 will be emailed to you over the weekend, study them for your final during next week’s class.
  • Please remember to bring your thumb drive with all homework files or be sure to have all your homework uploaded to your online homework folder by 1pm next week.
  • Last class Friday, November 16! Bring a dish to share if you’d like to have our last lunch together: I’ll bring pie 🙂

Homework looks great so far – your layered composites are breathtaking!

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