Welcome to week four!
Lab Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-3 and 5-8

Lab is located in the front of the building, near reception, not in the classroom

PSE10 Week 4 Presentation by Kelly Parke

Please bring in information to access your current email or to set up a new online email account.


  • bring unfinished homework or your toughest chapters for review; we will take these head-on so you are confident going into the second half of this class
  • Review questions on page 143
  • Read Chapter 6, page 144-164
  • Set up your own public or private gallery, order print(s) and send me a private link to your gallery
  • See you Friday, October 19th

Many questions about sending emails through Adobe Elements as well as the homework for this week: Chapter 5, pgs 136-138.

Couple of tips before you try to upload an album:
1. Get your Adobe I.D. and url set up first (sign-up is right on the home screen of PSE10).
2. Make sure your photos and files are .jpg and optimized for the web in format and resolution. Example: don’t try to upload photos that are 2800x1850pixels – that is a very large file. Elements and export any photo into a usable size using the export option.

More sharing issues practicing steps 1-8 on pg 134 and 1-6 on pg 135….
One of the biggest problems is that the lab computers default to whatever email app is installed – and accessed by whatever user logs on – which is not set up for individual mail use.

For continued success going forward during class – sign up for Elements Email. If you are using PSE at home, it will automatically launch your email app (see my screen cap below)

PSE10 lesson 5 Prefs - sharing - email screen

In PSE10 lesson 5, Edit > Preferences > Sharing > Email Settings (or for Mac, Preferences > Sharing > Email Settings.

PSE10 will give you only one choice if you have an email app installed. On my Mac, it will use Mail to share files.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom…
Please select the Elements Email option. Once selected, you will want to add an email address that you can access online (IE: yahoo.com, gmail, etc.). If you haven’t done it yet, do it before going to the next step. This will also work on your home pc if you don’t already use an email app. there.

Once you have established an online email address, make that an entry into your PSE10 Address Book by pressing the “edit recipients in contact book” icon:

pse10 share - email - edit recipients in contact book - icon

pse10 share – email – edit recipients in contact book – icon

pse10 sharing edit contact info

pse10 sharing edit contact info

Once your personal address has been added, press ok.

It will ask you to enter an email address in order to send verification. If the field isn’t already populated with the email you just added, enter it into the email field, click ok and wait for that email.

When you get the verification code, copy/paste it into the verification field and press next.
You will see your email added to the list of recipients.

Straight out of the book, pg. 134, step 7:
“Make sure that there is a check mark beside the new contact in the Select Recipients box, then click Next.”

This will actually close out of your sharing tab and drop you back to your image browser.

If you have trouble setting this up, try removing any email addresses you’ve already added, then go back and add just your new address and maybe a friend’s to test.

I’m still waiting on a few online album links. Also let me know in class if you’ve sent your print order in.

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