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Welcome to week two!

pse10 week 2 with kelly parke

PSE10 presentation for week 2, with Kelly Parke.

quick keys chapter 2, pse10 with kelly parke

Quick keys in chapter 2 of PSE10 with Kelly Parke.


  • Review chapter 2 and questions on pg. 57
  • Do all exercises in chapter 3: Advanced Organizing – automated features, importing from pdf’s, version sets, auto fix, smart albums and stacks
  • Save all work on thumb drive
  • Review chapter 3 questions on page 87
  • Read chapter 4 and get ready to make memes
  • See you all October 5th!

Well, you made it through the organization deep dive and survived. Thanks for your patience as we figure workarounds that aren’t in the book – there were some tough ones, but we did it!

You all did great and I’m glad to see your progress as we head into the [fun] editing section next week.

For those problems and questions that weren’t addressed in class, they are posted here:

Q: Why won’t facial recognition work?

A: Looks like PSE duped all image files on your thumb drive, to a watched folder on your PC/My Documents/Photos. This is a default we are trying to change by Thursday. There is a huge difference in the way a PC handles this application compared to a Mac. There is no comparison, Macs rule. However, we have been successful finding workarounds for most snags so far.
For other issues that I have not been able to duplicate in the lab or in my home office, here is a walkthrough with screen shots for steps 1-3 on pg. 52:

check catalog location and name: PSE10 Lesson 2 with kelly parke

Before you go through the lesson, check your catalog location and name in the catalog manager (File>Catalog). Your custom location will be your thumb drive and catalog name will be below that, plus at the bottom left of the screen and as you hover over the organizer icon at the very top left of the organizer workspace.

PSE10: Lesson 2 Step 1 page 52 with kelly parke

PSE10: Lesson 2 Step 1 page 52 as it should look after you’ve imported lesson 2 Faces and double-click on the image.

PSE10: Lesson 2 Step 3 page 52 - add a missing person

Press the “Add Missing Person icon, then a white marquis box will show up. You can then adjust as shown and tag accordingly.

PSE10: Lesson 2 Step 3 page 52 - missing person added

If steps 1-3 have been successful – as in this photo – you can then move on to steps 4-9.

Hope you had fun going through lesson 3 for homework. I will be checking your thumb drives on Friday for:

– Penguin folder
– Zoo folder
– Day at the Zoo folder
– Smart Album: Best Animal Shots
– Lesson 3 tags

Another option is to to email me a screen shot showing these items in your Organizer workspace.

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