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As a technology mentor and instructor for adults and children, my focus is on embracing change in your skillset with the confidence to apply new knowledge.

>>Employers rely on my solid approach – which is geared to make business efficient through the use of industry best practices.
>>Employees, solopreneurs and small businesses stay ahead of today’s tech in order to remain relevant and competitive in their chosen field.
>>Consumers and students must move past casual file creation and basic digital competencies for fluid entry into today’s workplace.
>>K-6 will learn keyboarding accuracy, speed and mousing, computer basics, document processing, internet resources, presentations and digital citizenship.


Over twenty years of corporate experience using core applications, multi-modal teaching methods and a little humor are combined with workarounds in various work environments so students can implement real-world use. Only relevant, detailed program information is provided, along with online resources, required materials (books), and downloadable info sheets.


I hope that my passion, drive, love of learning and fearless sense of adventure encourages your efforts for self-improvement. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling left behind in an industry that is moving a million miles a minute. Hang on, then specialize in one of these skills while improving on your overall skillset for a successful career.


Student experience is personalized through individual questions, help with homework, quizzes and testing. A class blog is utilized where interaction is encouraged through feedback and comments. Students learn how to share files with fellow students, take advantage of social media and how to utilize the web for homework submission.


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