Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day
mothers day card by hallmark

“Mom” Mother’s Day Card by Hallmark. The most perfect card in all the land, for my mom.

Pink, flowers, glitter and the word “MOM” – the PERFECT card for my momma. She always loved getting cards from me. From sneaking confetti into the envelope, to signing the card with “Love, Kelly”, Mom always appreciated that it almost always had glitter on it, somewhere.

This card – with it’s beautiful flower laser cuts, fantastic typography and font choice for a stand-alone die-cut silhouette, pink color and refined glitter – is a site to behold. Truly my kind of card for my kind of mom. My hat is off to the creatives at Hallmark. Thank you so very much for your creativity, from a fellow designer who has met a few of you….

I met Hoops, Yoyo & Piddles at #HOWLive in 2010. Darcy Hinrichs, Donovan Beery and I had a few good laughs and a great visit with this talented group. They signed a poster which hangs on my office wall to this day, and I’m connected with an illustrator through our HOWie network (HOW Design Live attendees and our creative friends).

When my mom got very sick later that year, my friends at Hallmark helped to collect “get well cards” from across the globe, so that I could wallpaper my mom’s kitchen wall with cards. They even gave us a tour and recorded a session with Hoops & Yoyo. Words cannot express all the joy you brought to her by doing this. She smiled a mile wide and appreciated the love and support from everyone. Made her feel like a celebrity when the local news did a story on our cross-country trip. Really boosted her spirits.

Mother’s Day was my mom’s favorite holiday because we (her 6 children) were her life. She’d be pissed to know that on Mother’s Day 2012, she would pass away. The (perfect-bound) printed photobook of adventures I made for her, never got read. The card I got her wasn’t read either. It was the saddest day of my life and continues to get me down on this wonderful day for moms. She was my best friend and I always wanted to make her proud. She loved hearing from me daily as I shared my adventures with her. She called our calls “chapters” in our book and she always lit up when hearing about my crazy creative life. I miss sharing that with her and still reach for the phone to add to our ongoing adventure story.

Pink, flowers, glitter and the word “MOM” – the PERFECT card for my momma. She always loved getting cards from me. Even though she is no longer with us on this earth, I am positive that she would love getting this beautiful card today, for Mother’s Day.

Thank you Hallmark for your uplifting design and reminding me of the joy and love of this day!!!!

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