Fairy Friendly: TATC (Tooele Applied Technology College)

Fairy Friendly: TATC (Tooele Applied Technology College)

As part of a series of articles that follow downtown Tooele’s First Fairy Door, we will be highlighting members of our community and local businesses for their efforts to attract Oquirrh Mountain Fairies.

The Oquirrh Fairies love their mountain fairy homes and their enchanted life with other wee folk, from the foothills to the highest point on our beloved mountain range. Established in the early 1800’s, our beautifully resilient mountain fairies have permanent residence in the Oquirrhs – so it is a special opportunity indeed – to have them visit us here in the city!

Looks like we may soon be visited by a few Tech Fairies now that the TATC has installed their very own fairy door!

TATC fairy door by Ellen Lange-Christenson

TATC fairy door made by Ellen Lange-Christenson, photo by Kelly Parke.
©2013 Parke Creative. All rights reserved.

Brought to us by Ellen Lange-Christenson, VP Student Services at the TATC on Vine Street, this industrial tech fairy door is made from local materials: wood from old redwood fencing, metal cabinet fixtures, metal strapping, and an old computer sound card trimmed with hammered copper wire for the window.

A first-time fairy door maker, Ellen is no stranger to creative endeavors involving woodwork, art framing and matting, photography, photo editing and Photoshop. We had the opportunity to view her beautiful framing at our local art fair last summer.

After building Tooele’s second fairy door, Ellen has since made another fairy door as a Christmas present:

Fairy Door for daughter by Ellen Lange-Christenson

Fairy door made by Ellen Lange-Christenson as 2012 Christmas gift for her daughter.

Made out of wood from her father’s barn, trimmed with little items and personalized especially for her daughter, she will definitely build more for herself and friends “It’s rather addicting, these little doors”.

We recently visited Ellen at the TATC to find out more….

What made you decide to make a fairy door?
“I thought your community fairy door project was fun and creative, and a wonderful project for kids. I wanted to help get the project going and hopefully inspire other businesses to join in.”

Will this fairy door move to the new facility?
“Oh yes!”

What does the TATC do for our community?
“Our goal is to enhance employment opportunities for Tooele County citizens through career training; create a community of well-trained citizens for the employers of Tooele County; build confidence for those students who may not believe in their abilities; and provide an affordable, personalized certificate training option for students who need employable skills while earning a college degree.”

How many years has the TATC been training residents of Tooele county?
“The Utah Legislature established TATC during the 2009 General Session – TATC began operations on July 1, 2009.”

How long have you worked for UCAT?
“I’ve been with the ATC for 17 years, 6 years as VP”

Inspired Fairy Fact:
Oquirrh Mountain Mineral Fairies were discovered by Kelly Parke in the Summer of 2012 and she has been proposing a way to encourage fairy visits in Tooele ever since. Kelly Parke is an instructor for the TATC, teaching classes for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, WordPress and Photoshop Elements.

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